Thursday, March 26, 2009

2010 Contract Survey Intro

The APO (Association for Professional Observers) and have sponsored a survey for all observers to give feedback on improvements you'd like to see for a new 2010 contract.

It is very important to get started even this early in the year because it should be assumed there will be some drafting and re-drafting of contracts as our union receives our collective ideas and presents them to our contractors.

The goal of this survey is just to get the ball rolling and get some ideas coming in. Personal information within the survey will be kept confidential and survey information will be published only as summaries to observers and to our union representative, Tracey Mayhew.

I will be pasting the survey into forums like and Facebook for people to copy into a text file, fill out and send back. I will try to send it out to as many observer emails as I have on record. Please circulate blank copies of the survey to other observers you think would be interested in participating.
Additionally, electronic copies of the survey are available for download in two formats (.doc & .rtf):

Please send completed surveys back to:

If you would like to see some company contracts summarized for comparison, or post suggestions (anonymous or otherwise) related to contract negotiations, please visit:

It is our goal to share results from this survey with participating observers for further discussion on May 15th, 2009. So, lets get started!

Thanks for your participation,

APO/ObserverNet Survey Team
(Dave Wagenheim & Liz Mitchell)

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