Thursday, March 26, 2009

Contract Profile: Tech Sea International, Inc.

This is a summary of some of the major aspects, regarding pay and benefits, of the current (2009) TSI contract. We've tried to use the latest information available. We hope that it is the most accurate. Corrections are welcome.
Please be aware that TSI observers are not a part of the Seafarers International Union, as are observers working for AOI, MRAG, NWO, and SWI.

Observers can request an assignment: No

Briefing: $80
  • Meals reimbursed
  • Weekends: No pay, meals reimbursed
  • Company pays for only 1 of 4 days in subsequent briefings if observer needs to attend a 4 day briefing more than once per calendar year.
Waiting after briefing, before deployment: None, up to 7 days of waiting. On 8th day, will be paid full deployment (at sea) pay, or released.

Debriefing: $80
  • Meals reimbursed
  • Weekend: No pay, meals reimbursed
Waiting after end of deployment(s), before debriefing: $80

Food Per Diem:
  • Seattle: $25
  • Anchorage: $35
  • All Alaskan Ports: $50

Bonus Pay (160 days in calendar year): $8/day

Insurance Reimbursements: $3.20/day of deployment (with proof of coverage)

Gear Reimbursement (Grades 2-5): $35/mo

At Sea Daily Wages:
  • Grade 1 (0-60): $130/day
  • Grade 2 (61-150): $142
  • Grade 3 (151-250): $152
  • Grade 4 (251-350): $163
  • Grade 5 (351-450): $178
  • Grade 6 (451+): $200
Standby/Unassigned between vessels and in Anchorage or Seattle under contract: Up to 5 days without pay. Observer is entitled to full deployment (at sea) pay after 5th day or may be debriefed.

Payments are issued twice monthly.

Returning to previous pay grade after lapse of certification: N/A - Seniority determined with proof of experience. Observer payed according to seniority.


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  2. Ta da!! It works...You just need to "sign in" or "follow" and you'll need one of the accounts (google, yahoo, etc.). I just created one for myself, so this site can be completely anonymous. This is intended to allow observers to freely express the needed changes in contracts without fear of retaliation or isolation.

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  3. I was paid 5300 plus insurance reimbursement per month on my last deployment. Any update on contracts for 2012?